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Autophonics Reference Group Autophonics Reference Group
To guide us in the further development of our API:s and products, we are gathering a group of music interested individuals that are willing to give us feedback on a wide variety of aspects of autophonic music.
We are looking for people with all sorts of musical backgrounds: from dedicated listeners to active composers, and of course your favourite music can be of any type.

The members of the Autophonics Reference Group will be contacted at regular intervals and will be asked to follow a link to a certain web page and listen to a few samples of music there (at the most 10 samples each time). You will be asked different questions about the music, and your answer will be anonymous. You can leave the group at any time by simply informing us that you wish to.

If you're interested in joining the Autophonics Reference Group, please drop us a line by clicking here, and tell us about yourself in just a few words, what music you normally listen to, if you play any instrument and if you've ever written a song or composed anything yourself.

The information you provide us with will strictly be used in Autophonics' internal development process, and will not be furthered to any third part.

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