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The Autophonics MidiEngine is a Java™ /J2ME and C++ API available for licensing to 3:rd party developers. As a static library, it enables implementations in software for Android phones and tablets, and also for Apple products such as iPhone and iPad.
It features simple handlebar methods to generate a flow of copyright-free MIDI compositions, taking arguments for style, rating etc. to customize the musical output.
MidiEngine2 also enables full customizing of any aspect of the resulting composition: Number of instruments, tempo and length etc. of the generated material. Possible implementations include:
  • Music composers and players for mobile phones.
  • Generation of background music in mobile phone/tablet/PC games.
  • Tablet and PC/Mac software, such as composing programs and plug-ins for DAWs, where, for instance, a melody line or an Adlib solo can be easily generated. Just like with a real musician, the solo effort can be repeated, with qualitative feedback (rating), until the result is absolutely satisfying.
  • On-demand generation of ringtones on web sites and operator portals.
  • Ambient music generation in DSPs built into diverse hardware such as elevator controlboards, toys, musical instruments, clothing, showers, bar counters etc. And why not finally build that Java™ enabled toaster, and make it play Reggeae... ; )
  • Background music generation for web sites and web radio suites, where an application built on the Autophonics MidiEngine in combination with good software synthesizers and samplers, could generate the entire program material (copyright-free music non-stop, with listeners guiding the musical style, by rating through a web site).
The Autophonics Patternizer Java™/J2ME and C++ API is a spin off from developing the "MusAic" application. It's a very resource effective graphical pattern generator that can be used to generate background patterns for applications, games or web sites. Animated patterns can be generated through morphing.

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